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Home-brew Barrels are a great complement to stouts, porters, reds, and ales!

Our Home-brew Barrels are made from the staves of retired bourbon barrels that are cut to size, heated, and flexed into shape – leaving their interior with a fresh medium char that is ready to enhance your hand-crafted brew.

This is actually gives you more flavorful barrel than one you might buy from a distillery (where all that flavor went into making great bourbon). Plus, they are conveniently sized for standard home-brew equipment and far easier to handle.

Due to the sizes of the 10 and 20 liter barrels not fitting in our laser engraving machines, we do not offer personalization for those sizes

A Short Customer Story:

JD, an active home-brewer from Louisville designed an imperial double coffee stout that he aged in a barrel seasoned with bourbon, then with maple syrup, and finally filled with beer. He entered his beer into the KY State Fair Homebrew Contest and earned 2nd place!
Judges were impressed by the huge flavors contained in the brew. The reason it didn’t earn first place was because the judges felt it had an unfair advantage and uncharacteristic flavor.

Best Use Tips:

  • Barrels don’t use sealants or adhesives, so there is nothing to interfere with your beverage. Be sure to fill yours first with water to hydrate the staves and make a complete seal before filling directly with your fermented beer.

  • Or, you can add a step and ‘season’ them for a bolder flavor, and slightly stronger ABV.

  • ‘Seasoning’ barrels with beer involves partially filling them with bourbon (at least 3L-5L) and allowing staves to absorb/interact with the oak for at least 2 weeks. To ensure each stave gets equal attention, rotate barrel in its stand about 30 degrees each day for the 2 weeks. (Using face of a clock, 30 degrees is the angle of 5 minutes.)

  • Taste your progress. The aging sweet-spot for our mini-barrels is 4-8 weeks. We highly recommend tasting a small sample of your aging masterpiece to monitor changes and get the flavors you want. Every two weeks is usually enough to detect changes without pushing too long.

  • Our barrels are designed for secondary aging (making an already tasty product even more delicious and complex). We do not recommend or endorse using our barrels to age ‘white dog’, moonshine, or clear distillate into a mature whiskey.

PRICE: $120.00

(Please check back soon.)