The definition of a manly good time.

If you asked a man what his idea of a great boys’ night out is, and compared it to a woman’s ideal ladies’ night out, how similar would their answers be? Most likely, not very. There’s nothing sexist about it. It just so happens that a woman’s idea of a good time is different from a man’s because of psychology and even biology.

It would be stereotyping to say that all boys like blue and all girls like pink, but if there were three things that could possibly make every man on the planet happy, they would be poker, cigars and bourbon: three key ingredients for any bachelor party or even a boys’ night out. Sure, there are manly connotations to a beer drinker, but if a bachelor party was meant to be a true testament to masculinity, bourbon would be the choice of poison.

What makes bourbon a manly drink? Could it be because society had it ingrained in our minds that men were not men if they couldn’t appreciate aged spirits? Have all the marketing strategies and advertising campaigns influenced the idea of manly and girly drinks, or could it simply be because characters such as Don Draper just make bourbon cocktails look so rugged?

It all comes down to this: “Because it tastes great. No matter how many ways you slice it, it always comes back to how great a glass feels in your hand, how the bourbon rolls around your tongue, and flows down your throat,” as eloquently put by Bourbon & Banter.

A bourbon drink is as masculine as it gets. On, it even named the bourbon barrels from Bluegrass Barrels as the number one groomsmen gift, because the only thing better than having a cigar and a glass of bourbon with your best man is if the bourbon was aged in his own oak bourbon barrel.

And finally, with a cigar in the mouth and a glass of personally aged bourbon in hand, it’s only fitting if these were indulged in while playing several rounds of poker. Because no one is expecting any professional play or a chance to win a seat at partypoker’s New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, the men can use this time to build on their camaraderie and exchange banter over some friendly competition.

So the next time you’re required to throw a bachelor party, or even just a guys’ night, poker, cigars and bourbon are all you really need.