Well....damn. Let me preface this by saying that I really like Old Forester and their limited releases, especially the OF Statesman. So when I kept hearing rave reviews about the OF 1920 Prohibition release, I figured, for $57, it is not an "every night" drinker, but I am due for another mid-high level bourbon. So after seeing yet another rave review on twitter from a bourbon junkie whose opinion I respect, I went and purchased a bottle.

I was excited to try it! So once I got the kids to bed, I came downstairs and poured myself a drink....aaannnddd was unfortunately, disappointed. Maybe I had too high of expectations, but at $57 a bottle, I was really hoping it lived up to the hype since there are some great bourbons for that price point. So lets get to the review:

Nose: Nose just like a normal OF, which is a good, "average" bourbon. There was not a vanilla / caramel bomb that I was hoping for, just a higher alcohol smell than anticipated. Nothing pronounced.
Taste: Honestly, I enjoy normal OF more than this....I should note that other than some of the higher proof Willetts, EH Taylor Barrel Proof and a few others, normally, I am not a fan of a higher proof bourbons, like this 1920 (115 proof). So this just tastes like OF, but with more burn.
Finish: More burn than anticipated, so with that not being my "thing", I was just not a fan.

Summary: If you are looking for a new bottle of bourbon in the $50-$60 range, I would absolutely recommend the OF Statesman over this 1920 Prohibition release. This is not a terrible bourbon, but there is just better juice out there for this price point....like the Statesmen, which I love. Damnit....I was really hoping to love this...