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I stumbled upon this Basil Hayden's Dark Rye at one of my favorite honey holes (Turnpike Liquor off I-65 in Shepherdsville), so since I had heard good things about it, I figured I would pick it up. My thoughts: ... read full article
Well....damn. Let me preface this by saying that I really like Old Forester and their limited releases, especially the OF Statesman. So when I kept hearing rave reviews about the OF 1920 Prohibition release, I figured, for $57, it is not an "every night" drinker, but I ... read full article
When I talk with customers, as you can imagine, we do a lot of bourbon talk. When a customer asked me what some of my favorite "Average Joe" bourbons are, I figured that instead of me just telling him, that I would bring some ~$30 per bottle bottles of bourbon over for ... read full article
PSA! If you are anywhere near Shepherdsville, KY, pull off I-65 and make your way to Turnpike Liquors! They just did a Four Roses barrel selection and it is a 8 year 9 month OESQ mash bill barrel....and let me tell you, it is great! The OESQ is the "softest" of the Fou ... read full article
Suntory / Beam recently reported that their bourbons (Beam and Makers Mark) had better than expected 3rd quarter double digit growth in cases globally. Apparently, demand was fueled by Beam white label and the new Vanilla flavored Beam. Has anyone tried the new Vanill ... read full article
Yet, another great recipe and video from Jeremy Foyd and Distinguished Spirits. This Redrum sounds delicious! Enjoy!! ... read full article
According to The Spirits Business, The number of licensed distilleries in Ireland doubled between 2014 and 2016, while Irish whiskey broke the 100-million bottle barrier last year, according to a new report. The report is said to be the first industry and market analys ... read full article
Big ups to Heaven Hill Distilleries for their $25 million expansion! This expansion will apparently make the Bernheim Distillery location the largest single bourbon distilling site in the world! It can produce over 400,000 barrels of bourbon annually with a 70 foot s ... read full article
Here is a new video of a barrel in action with Master Mixologist, Jeremy Foyd, of Distinguished Spirits! ... read full article
So I tried the Dark Hollow and as I expected, the one word I would use to describe this is young. I did a “smell test” with a novice bourbon drinker and she said that there was no way she could smell the difference since all of it smells “nasty”….well, when she smelled ... read full article