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Engraved Oak Barrels to Age Your Bourbon.

Craft your own spirits and age your Bourbon in this authentic american oak barrel to perfection.

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Get your engraved UK, UL or WKU two liter barrel for just $79.99.

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Barrel materials

The barrels are made out of American white oak. The metal bands are steel.

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The barrel holds 2 liters (0.52 gallons) and has the following dimensions: 7.5" x 5" x 5" .

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Included in purchase

Each order includes a barrel, a stand, a bung (cork), a spigot, and handling directions.

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Custom flavors

Flavor additions are optional, but common additions are honey or a vanilla bean.

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Accelerated Aging

The spirit can age anywhere from one week to three years - this is entirely up to you.

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Know Your Barrel

Each Bluegrass Barrel is made from American white oak with a medium char. In addition to receiving a barrel, you will receive a stand, a bung (cork), a spigot, and handling directions. Once you receive your barrel, you will need to "cure" the barrel (see FAQ) to ensure that your barrel is sealed tight. Once your barrel is cured, simply rinse the barrel with hot water a few times until there is no wood residue, then your barrel is ready to be filled with your favorite spirit!


"My wife surprised me with a Bluegrass Barrels Oaking & Aging barrel for my birthday #BestGiftEver"

Gernot K., Seattle, WA

"The Man Registry is proud to have been one of the first online retailers of Bluegrass Barrels. We're forever in search of unique gift ideas for out-of-the-box grooms and we hit a true home run with these custom barrels. The best thing about them is how well they actually work (I would know, I've got four of them)."

Chris Easter, founder of The Man Registry.com


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Or, for more information and questions, you can always reach us at 502-523-9100.